Blocking Spam Referral Sources in .htaccess

Website CrawlerAs you may know many spam websites send crawlers to websites to scrape data, do ecommerce price comparison for other online dealers and sometimes even submit false leads or form submissions. Most of all, these spam website send an inaccurate number of referral visits to our analytics reports. Sure these sites are actually visiting our website, but usually for seconds and then bouncing immediately. This hurts in 2 major ways:


Facebook Updates 2015: What Marketers Need to Pay Attention to

In my opinion, Facebook takes the lead ahead of all social media channels for making the most updates in the shortest amounts of time. As a result, my routine often feels like: eat, sleep, catch up on Facebook changes, and repeat. Seriously Mark Zuckerberg, let me get a shower in before you change something else. Anyhow, as social media marketers, we’ve got adjusting to these changes in the bag. Don’t let the constant changes stress you out. Here are the ones you need to pay the most attention to right now.

Why Your Links Aren’t Displaying Images on Facebook

Broken Image LinksPictures are worth a thousand words. And for marketers trying to reach a large audience in a mobile world and mainly visual culture, pictures are vital. Consumers’ eyes are naturally drawn to images when presented with a combination of image and text. An image grabs a consumer’s attention while a creative phrase has the ability to draw them in further. Think about your Facebook newsfeed; when scrolling down, what grabs your attention first, text updates or images? For many, the answer will most likely be images followed by the associated text.


Content: Who Am I Writing For?

Writing Content for Users and Search Engines

Content Writing SEOWe know we have to write top quality content for the reader. However, if our blog or website page can’t be found then our complete content is essentially decreed useless. Therefore, we need to look how we can write content for users as well as for search engines. Here are some tips for making our content writing as effective as possible.


How to Link Your Video to an External Website

How to link Your Video to an External Website

Why should we link our YouTube video to an external website? Simple, it is a great way to provide the creator of the video a way to link to their other related websites directly from their videos. Do you want to redirect visitors from your YouTube video to an external website? Of course, if you don’t want to lose viewers after they have finished watching, then why bother creating a video? Why have your video go to waste when your viewers can view other websites that pertain to the videos you just watched? All you need to do is add “associated website annotations” to your video. These are links that you can add to any YouTube video you’ve uploaded. Here are the steps to get started…


LinkedIn Blogging Platform and You

Linkedin Blog
Who can use it?

  • Not initially available to all LinkedIn members, once Influencers
  • Now available to those selected by LinkedIn. You know that you are chosen because you have been sent an email confirmation. Also, if you go to the homepage where you write a status, there is a new pen symbol. This is what you use to publish content.
  • LinkedIn says this functionality will be open to all users soon.


Canonicalization & How it Works



Canonicalization can be used at a domain or page level to define a preferred domain or page URL as not to create duplicate issues with engine crawlers.


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