Facebook Timeline – Connecting With Your Memories, One Post at Time

The time is 4:30 on a Friday, but your office doesn’t close until 5. For those of us that are Facebook veterans, we’ve all felt that twinge of nostalgia when we start looking through photo albums from three years ago. For those of you that may be relatively new to the Facebook scene, let’s face it, you got a chuckle when Facebook recommended your geeky high school lab partner as a friend (No worries. Your lab partner probably laughed when he made his first million as a rocket scientist.).

For years, Facebook has touted itself as a way to build new connections and rekindle old relationships. But for the users, Facebook has taken a subconscious spot in our minds, becoming synonymous with memories. How many pictures do you see of newborns just hours old? Grandpa Seth’s 90th birthday – that’s definitely going be an entire album all to itself. And what about the monumental moment when someone changes a relationship status from “in a relationship” to “married?”

It’s with these moments in mind that Facebook will be undergoing a revolutionary change within the upcoming months. It’s called Facebook Timeline (at least, for now), and it’s the most drastic change in functionality and aesthetics that the social network has ever seen.