Top 10 LikeWut Pages

For all you Facebook users, you have probably seen your friends “like” certain “topics” such as “IF YOU DONT WANT PEOPLE TO KNOW YOUR BUSINESS… THEN STOP POSTING IT ON FACEBOOK..!!!” This is one of our favorite ones thus far, and oh so true….

These “topics” are provided by a few services. One is “LikeWut” and another is and it is super easy for anyone to create a “like”, or as we like to call them a “topic like”. LikeWut has its own Facebook page which you can like and be notified of all the funny and crazy likes that people are creating every day. LikeWut is represented by a on Facebook. And yes, there is a Twitter page too. On both sites you can easily use the FB like button to instantly “like” something.

Maybe this is just a fad, but they sure have gained a lot of followers, and it grows every day. Essentially they are just random thoughts, mostly relatable. Either way, some of these “likes” are super funny, and most have a certain ring of truth to them.

Here are our most recent top 10 from both sites: